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Fort Bovisand, Bovisand

Bovisand, Fort Bovisand
Fort Bovisand

In 1816 a stone jetty and slip way were built at Bovisand, to supply warships anchored in Plymouth Sound with fresh water. In 1845, the first fort, Staddon Height Battery, was built, and is still present in the upper fort.

In 1859 Lord Palmerston instigated Royal Commission on the Defence of the United Kingdom to protect England from a possible French invasion. Fort Bovisand was a major part of the fortifications for Plymouth and one of the “Palmerston Forts”. In all, 23 fortified gun emplacements (casemates) were built, housing 22 x 9 inch guns and one 10 inch gun, manned by 180 men. The ammunition was stored deep underground. The fort was used in the second world war, but abandoned in 1957.

In the early 1970s, Bovisand Fort was converted into a diving school and scuba diving centre.

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